Timberpeg House Plans

Choose from over 50 standard house plans or custom-design.

A Timberpeg® Post & Beam home will typically cost between £100 and £150 per square foot to complete, depending on specification and local labour costs.

Timberpeg Homes UK Limited supplies a package, or shell, to be erected at your site. We will provide technical assistance to your building crew or we can complete the entire build process for you, acting as Project Manager.

Typical build cost

Timberpeg® has a number of standard house plans but will also custom design to your needs.

This Watermill, for example, is a standard frame design of 1750 square feet but is infinitely flexible.

The 1750 square foot Watermill house plan can be extended longer or wider and can be designed with a 20’ sunroom extension to the dining area to create a larger living space.

As it appears here, the Timberpeg® package price would be approximately £85-90,000 including Andersen windows and doors as drawn.

Groundworks, foundations, heating, lighting, fit out and labour will bring the build-out cost of this plan to around £100-115 per square foot or £175-195,000 including a reasonable standard kitchen and bathrooms.
Naturally, this is a guide price and in some local areas building costs may be more or less.

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